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Manufacturing Industries
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  • Client: Manufacturing Industries

There’s nothing glamorous about industrial photography but we love it. Our team get a real buzz out of photographing large machinery, dozers, trucks, factories, construction sites, mines and quarries. We shoot for clients in natural resources, construction and manufacturing industry sectors.


Industrial Photography Focussed on Safety


No matter how much fun industrial photography can be, it’s at these types of locations where safety generally, and especially while conducting photo shoots, is of the highest priority. We’ve been through countless site induction sessions throughout Australia and we’re fully equipped with the necessary personal protective equipment for most industrial site requirements. We have worked on industrial sites spread in more than 15 acres.


Our awareness of workplace safety requirements helps to ensure that the images we capture display occupational health and safety best practice and reflect the company’s high priority on the safety of their people. Along with the safety gear, we come equipped with a 4WD so access to the remotest locations is never a problem. Camping out is sometimes required to ensure we’re up and ready to shoot at sunrise or to shoot night time operations.


Getting results on-site for Commercial & Industrial Shoot


The challenge of industrial photography is to tell the story or demonstrate the scale of operations. The images are often for an investor audience, who are never likely to experience the location first-hand. It’s my role to create images that communicate the dramatic significance of industrial locations and portray the experience and character of people who work there.


About people, site and operations managers aren’t always the ones to welcome photographers with open arms. For them we are just additional elements they need to keep an eye on. That’s why we like to engage them in the process of creating a great shot. We find that once these site and operations staff are on board with what we are trying to achieve, they’re full of great ideas and bend over backwards to make things happen. It’s all about being able to connect and communicate with people.